In this modern society, children and teenagers are faced with many complex challenges on social and emotional levels. When kids become overwhelmed with emotions, they either act up or withdraw. Their potential inability to manage their emotions blocks them from building healthy relationships. Often times, negative behavior and coping methods manifest simply because the child does not have the skills to self regulate and approach situations from a place of empowerment and self-knowledge. Therefore, the therapy we receive when we are young can help prevent negative imprints from becoming core beliefs.

I can help your child or teen to:
  • Increase Self Esteem
  • Manage Depression & Anxiety
  • Cope With Stressors such as Divorce, Death, Moves, Blended Families
  • Improve School Performance
  • Develop Social Skills & Empathy
  • Manage Anger/Acting Out/Being Bullied
  • Handle peer pressure/popularity issues
  • Manage ADHD Behaviors
  • Avoid Drug & Alcohol Use/Sexual Activity
  • Improve Body Image/Avoid Eating Disorders

I use a combination of talk and play therapy to relate to your child to help them become more resilient and happy again!