As a couple...

• Do you find yourself having the same fight over and over?
• Are you wondering how to move forward in your relationship?
• Do you seem able to put energy into everything but each other? Do you feel like there is no spark left?
• Are you struggling with a serious issue such as a health crisis, unemployment, parenting a child with special needs, or dealing with an out-of-control teen?
• Are you faced with a major life transition such as becoming parents, blending two families, facing an empty nest, or adjusting to being retired?
• Are you wondering if it’s possible to heal after an affair?

And yet you still love each other and want to try and make things work… Coming in for therapy together can help you learn new tools and skills to make your relationship last a lifetime.

We all come to our adult partnered relationships with ideas and behaviors that we have collected over the years: from our original families, from our culture, and from past relationships and other life experiences. Gaining an understanding of all of these factors in a safe and supportive environment can help lessen conflict and begin to bring a couple back into a loving connection with each other.

Emotional Focused Therapy (EMT) is the only form of therapy that’s proven to have any kind of success rate, about 85%. I am only one of a select few therapists in Monmouth County who specializes in this approach.

Alternatively I provide Divorce Mediation, as well as Co-Parenting therapeutic sessions and can help you and your partner transition amicably.